[Flexradio] Simple Remote Control

Michael Logan kb7iuv at cox.net
Sat Jun 8 08:42:02 CDT 2013

You will need to mute the audio going to Chrome using the Windows mixer on the radio's PC. This will eliminate 2 audio outputs from reaching your remote PC otherwise the 2 audio signals will sound like an echo since the latencies are different. In fact, the audio from Google would also break up a bit while the audio from RemAudio did not once you adjust your buffers properly. 

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On Jun 8, 2013, at 6:31 AM, Michael Logan <kb7iuv at cox.net> wrote:

> I just got mine working beautifully last night using this suggestion from Bret:
> "Try "RemAudio" server and client it works great and has real PTT for the two
> way audio at http://df3cb.com/remaud/  This is the BEST way to go as far as
> I'm concerned for Audio and PTT I have found, It's so much better then Skype
> or using the built in audio in TeamViewer or Google Desktop. Works good with
> VAC as well, once you get PowerSDR set up with all the radio functions set
> you can use the radio just fine with out all the over head of the Remote
> Desktop application when your running Voice communications on a slow
> internet connection. Oh yea it does the connections Point to Point using
> what ever IP address and Port you want to use with NO Main Internet server
> to go through so there is a little more setup on your internet router but
> that is old hat for most people anymore.
> 73's
> Bret
> WX7Y"
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> On Jun 7, 2013, at 9:37 PM, "Mark Lunday" <wd4elg at triad.rr.com> wrote:
>> +1, same issue for me with Flex 3000 and xmit on SSB, can't get it to work.
>> Mark Lunday, WD4ELG
>> Greensboro, NC  FM06be
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>> http://wd4elg.blogspot.com
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>> I actually just installed this on my station PC and on my work laptop.  
>> I was able to very easily remote control the station using the laptop.  

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