[Flexradio] PowerSDR on linux

Tim Ellison tellison at itsco.com
Sat Jan 24 16:54:53 CST 2009

The type of SDR hardware being used would be a major factor if it would have a chance of working or not.  The virtualized environment would have to support the Firewire driver if it is a FLEX-5000.

Currently, there are come Linux alternatives to PowerSDR if your hardware is a SDR-1000


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It is time for me to build a new PC.

I would like to know if anyone has been successful in running PowerSDR in a virtual machine on a linux desktop? I am thinking about wine, virtualbox, or vmware.

I would like to finally make the break from M$OFT. PowerSDR is about the only thing that is keeping me running Windows. I already have a dual boot set-up; but philosophically wish to run linux as the booted OS.

This may be more trouble than it is worth, but I would like some advise to other pioneer's that have gone this route.

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