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Go to the Knowledge Base and read these articles. 

Then came back and fire away with your questions. I am sure you will have
some.  Everybody does when they start out doing digital modes with PowerSDR.
These articles will provide you the basics of how to run digital modes with
PowerSDR.   BTW, sound cards are no longer needed along with hardware
interfaces between the radio and the computer.  That should pique your


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I have downloaded the Digipan PSK-31 software on the computer that is
running my SDR 1K (It is not connected to the internet). The program is
running over the top of of the Radio but I'm not sure how to hook it up to
either the radio or the sound card. What is the best way to integrate this
with my radio and do I need additional equipment and/or software?  Thank you
for your time. PhilW2EFM

See what you're getting into.before you go there.
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